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The best decor salt lamp for export

The best decor salt lamp for export, supply in halito rock salt manufactory, unique salt lamp by iranian handicraftsman. Introducing the rock salt ball One of the main and most beautiful shapes and types of salt rock bedside lamps is the ball-like shape. The salt stone ball is supplied with a wooden base in two diameters of […]

Cattle salt licks for sale at a cheap price

Cattle salt licks for sale at a cheap price, weight 2 to 4 kg, biggest manufacturer in iran, supply and export in short time. The reason for using salt in dairy Salt contains sodium and chloride, which are essential for milk production for cows. If there is not enough salt in cows, cows become extremely low […]

Wholesale natural and mineral animal feed salt

Wholesale natural and mineral animal feed salt, rock salt for cattle in jumbo bag, 15 kg package, export at delivery at destination. What is animal feed salt? Livestock feed salt is one of the most important materials used in livestock and poultry inputs and concentrates, providing a significant portion of the mineral needs of livestock. […]

The price of very rare crystal rock salt

The price of very rare crystal rock salt, completely glass for therapeutic purposes, export products with a purity of 99.8%, the rarest example of clear glass rock salt. Introducing crystal rock salt Crystal rock salt, also known as glass rock salt, is formed during natural processes by the evaporation of water in lakes and salt seas. […]

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Buy orange and white salt lamp therapy

Buy orange and white salt lamp therapy, white salt lamp made by iranian handicraftsman, supply and export salt lamp. What is rock salt therapy? Salt therapy, which dates back to ancient Greece, has been accepted as a complementary and effective treatment for modern times. The ancient Greeks, after realizing that salt miners never had respiratory or lung diseases, tried […]

Wholesale rock salt for remove hard water

wholesale rock salt for remove hard water, water softener salt rock hard, what happens if my water softener runs out of salt? Rock salt for remove hard water We offer you the highest quality hardening rock salt, which has a purity of 99.5%, which means higher purity than edible salt, which has no such quality […]

Buy rock salt from biggest supplier in iran

Buy rock salt from biggest supplier in iran, supply pink rock salt monthly 1500 tons, red rock salt 2500 tons, white rock salt per month 10000 tons. Buy animal rock salt Livestock rock salt is one of the minerals that has a lot of consumption and its absence causes financial losses and on the other […]

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Major manufacturer of persian salt lamp

Major manufacturer of persian salt lamp, white salt lamp producer, most unique rock salt lamp in the world. How to produce rock salt lamp Salt lamps and all kinds of salt decorative accessories are among the products that have been considered in recent years. These appliances are made of salt rock clusters and are produced and sent to […]