Buy from the largest Garmsar rock salt mine

buy from rock salt mine

Buy from the largest Iran Garmsar rock salt mine, pink rock salt, orange rock salt, red rock saltwhite rock saltpersian blue salt.

Introduction of Garmsar rock salt

Garmsar is located on the northwestern edge of the desert in Iran and the salt mines in this province are among the oldest types of salt mines on the planet.

The presence of salt, gypsum and sulfur reserves has led to an increase in mining activities in the Garmsar region, and Garmsar salt deposits are being extracted from a large area (700 square kilometers) in northwestern and western Garmsar, central Iran.

With the advent of various mineral elements during the formation of rock salt, the salts from salt mines have a variety of colors, for example, blue salt rock has a high amount of potassium, while red rock salt is rich in iron.

buy from rock salt mine

Export red rock salt

Red rock salt is a very good source of iron for iron, especially in women who are more prone to anemia and iron deficiency. Incorporating this salt into the diet can provide the amount of iron your body needs.

At the same time, you should avoid consuming too much salt so that you do not face the possible side effects of excessive salt consumption and remember that in our country, Iran, the only salt that is hygienically approved is the same edible edible salt.

Red rock salt is used in the domestic market in the field of production of various types of salt rock lampshades and various models of salt rock bedside lamps and salt bricks, and it can be said that the most common use of red salt rock in the Iranian market is related to this recent issue.

buy from rock salt mine

White rock salt for livestock

Incorporating rock salt into the diet of livestock can help eliminate the germs in the stomach of the animal and also strengthen the nervous and hormonal systems of the animal and regulate the body’s fluids.

Halito rock salt company offers a wide variety of white and white animal salt. It should be noted that for cities that are further away from Garmsar, the minimum order should be 15 tons, but for nearby cities such as Tehran and Qazvin, it is possible to send 5 tons. There is also a load.

The best type of livestock white rock salt is offered by Halito Salt Stone Collection at the price of the mine door and without charge.

buy from rock salt mine

Buy from Garmsar rock salt mine

In order to buy original salt rock with quality and purity above 99%, it is better to buy directly from Garmsar rock salt mine itself.

buy from rock salt mine

All customer orders are made by Halito rock salt company under the supervision of an expert and hand-picked.

Source: Halito rock salt company