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livestock rock salt

Salt is one of the most prominent ingredients, which is used in medicine for food and health. Livestock salt is fed to livestock to prevent microbial and gastrointestinal diseases. In all livestock and poultry centers, rock salt plays an important role in increasing animal health has it.

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Today, in many livestock farms, the cause of many diseases that occur for livestock is due to the accumulation of microbes in the stomach of livestock, which can be prevented by feeding salt to livestock, because salt has antiseptic properties. It is effective in eliminating many infections. Just as the lack of salt in the animal’s body causes problems for the animal and causes the sudden death of the animal, too much salt can cause poisoning, which in itself can cause Problems and death of livestock.

Types of livestock rock salt include black rock salt, streaked white rock salt, white rock salt one hand, and molded and cut rock salt, each of which has its own characteristics, and the quality of each depends on their purity. Most of the rock salt is sold to farmers and salt rock traders. Livestock salt is sold in the market as a type of industrial salt at different prices. The price of livestock salt depends on their purity. Iran is one of the largest exporters of rock salt in the region, which produces and supplies a large part of livestock salt every year, which is sold in domestic and foreign markets.

livestock rock salt

Benefits and application of various types of livestock salt

Livestock salt as an industrial stone has many benefits and applications that have a great impact on the health of livestock and poultry, which prevents their sudden death and even increases the health of livestock muscle. In addition, many can Treat livestock diseases and prevent many diseases.

livestock rock salt

Today, there are many artists who use this type of rock salt to prepare beautiful and unique decorations that have a very special and special place in the decoration market. Salt rock salt increases the salts and sodium of livestock, which is very effective in animal health. Today, in many areas, livestock salt is used in agriculture and horticulture, especially walnut orchards, to provide better products.

Source: Halito rock salt company