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Buy orange and white salt lamp therapy, white salt lamp made by iranian handicraftsman, supply and export salt lamp.

What is rock salt therapy?

Salt therapy, which dates back to ancient Greece, has been accepted as a complementary and effective treatment for modern times.

The ancient Greeks, after realizing that salt miners never had respiratory or lung diseases, tried to do more research on this valuable mineral, and their research and discoveries led to the discovery of treatments called salt therapy.

Salt therapy improves, treats and controls many respiratory, nervous, skin and infectious problems, and because not all people and classes have access to salt therapy centers, experts, doctors and scientists suggest that people use salt therapy in the workplace and at home. For their own convenience, salt therapy is provided in the form of a salt therapy lampshade that can be used everywhere and for everyone.



Salt therapy is suitable for all ages and improves, treats and controls many respiratory, nervous, skin and infectious problems.

Because not all people and classes have access to salt therapy centers, experts, doctors and scientists suggest that people benefit from salt therapy at work and at home. Salt rock therapy can be used in a variety of ways, such as rock salt therapy lampshades.

white salt lamp

How to produce a rock salt lamp

To produce salt stone lampshades, you first need to know that high-quality salt mines must be identified in the world, because the purer the salt rock used to produce the salt rock lamps, the more therapeutic effects it will have.

Garmsar rock salt mines are among the best salt rock mines in the world for the production of therapeutic salt rock. After identifying the high quality mines, using the most up-to-date equipment, rock salt extraction is done in different dimensions and in factories and workshops, rock salt in different dimensions is cut and polished in a mold.

The salt rock lampshade has a semi-crystalline texture and can easily emit light.

The lighting properties of this lampshade are not limited to the presence of the lamp inside it, but also give it a special beauty and appearance in the dark.



It is recommended that you always place one or two Halito salt rock lamps in the room and around the house to improve the quality of the environment while purifying the air.

These beautiful salt lamps have the effect of reminding everyone, the air, and the environment, and therefore their use has increased.

white salt lamp

Sell Sleeping Salt lmap

Industrial and edible salt is extracted from mines and salt lakes. However, it should be noted that the salt from each of these sources differs in terms of purity and some properties, and ultimately their quality is different.

Salt rock is only extracted from the mine and has special and unique colors and appearance, and because of its beauty and brilliance, the sale of products made from this rock salt, especially salt rock bedside lamps, is very popular today.

Fortunately, Iran, with its abundant rock salt mines and also the presence of various ornamental salt rocks, can produce and sell a variety of ornamental molds by forming these salts.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, which sends its products to all parts of Iran, especially Tehran, as soon as possible.

white salt lamp

Wholesale salt lamp

Decorative rock salt is mainly produced by the Halito Salt Stone Collection and is sold for distribution in decorative salt rock sales centers, exhibitions, artists, etc.

People who want to sell decorative salt rock or are looking for cut rock salt to produce functional products such as salt rock lampshade, bedside lamp, candle holder, etc., contact us to buy bulk decorative rock salt.

white salt lamp

Where do we put rock salt in the house?

To make the most of the properties of rock salt, you need to place it in a corner of the house where you travel a lot, and only then can you expect a miracle.

It is recommended that you do not use just one salt lamp to use the healing properties of rock salt, but to test its properties with a light first is an acceptable suggestion to increase the number after testing the results, such as these lights. There are plants, the more they are present in the environment, the better they can be effective and the more energetic they are.

The best place to put rock salt in the house is in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, because most of the traffic in the house is in these places.

white salt lamp

Benefits of persian salt lamp

As mentioned before, rock salt has many healing properties and its use has the following benefits:

1) Improve sleep quality

When positive ions combine with lead, they lower blood flow and lower oxygen levels, which can lead to irregular sleep. Here, rock salt can improve quality by reducing positive ions in the environment. To sleep.

2) Reduce stress and create a sense of calm

Studies of people who work with computers for at least 40 minutes a day have shown that their positive ions are too high to reduce the positive ions that can cause side effects such as fatigue, depression and insomnia. Prescribe edible salt.

Severe decrease in sinus and migraine headaches, increased concentration and strengthening of the immune system, regulation of blood pressure and meeting the body’s need for minerals are among the properties of edible rock salt.

Unlike other minerals, the physical structure of salt is completely electric, and it has the ability to change from crystalline to liquid. It is clear that such a structure in the body can create an electric current and create a sense of calm in the body.



Today, the people of the countryside have been able to use their candles and salt to cleanse the air of their homes and keep them safe from diseases by maintaining their immune system.

3) Help improve respiratory and lung problems

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important benefits of rock salt is that it helps to clear the air of any contaminants and negative waves, thus helping to keep the lungs healthy and to cure respiratory diseases.

In addition to reducing allergies, improving asthma plays a significant role. Extensive research on ions in rock salt has shown that the use of rock salt can increase the activity of the respiratory lashes, thereby contaminating the airways. They are safe.

Due to its negative ions, rock salt can purify the ambient air by absorbing environmental pollutants, which is contrary to positive ions.

Negative ions in rock salt also cause lung health and reduce the risk of asthma and allergies in people.

4) Disposal and purification of negative environmental energies

Other benefits of rock salt at home include the release of negative energies from the environment and the amplification of signals that create a sense of calm in the environment.

Buyers of rock salt bedside lamps believe that the presence of these lights in the home reduces anxiety, strengthens blood circulation and helps to sleep comfortably and deeply.

In today’s society, where many people suffer from mental health problems, the presence of salt therapy in the living and working environment is not without merit, because salt therapy lampshades can reduce mental disorders, skin and respiratory problems, and even colds.

5) Antibacterial: Disinfects the ambient air.

6) Anti-inflammatory effects of mucolytics: You may know that our mucous membranes have the ability to absorb pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and pollutants.

The mucolytic effects of rock salt bedside light make the mucosa smoother and easier to expel, freeing the body faster from contaminants and pathogens, thus reducing inflammation and expanding the space. The airways become thinner and easier to breathe.

7) Reduces IgE levels (hypersensitivity of the immune system)

It increases the negative ions in the environment and thus increases vitality, reduces depression and increases energy in the body.

white salt lamp

Properties of rock salt to repel negative energy

These beautiful salt lamps have other amazing properties, all of which are due to the very magical power of rock salt. You may not believe it, but one of these amazing properties is wound eye repellent.

In many countries, especially those with large populations, such as China and even low-population countries such as the Persian Gulf, as well as other Arab countries, rock salt has a very special place to ward off eye sores.

The healing properties of rock salt have been tested in many universities and by many experts and have been approved for the treatment of many mental and physical ailments.

You’ve probably heard since childhood that one of the common beliefs about rock salt among the ancient peoples was to use it to ward off eye sores or eyes and eyes, as well as to ward off mental problems and sleep disorders caused by fear. Was.

It’s good to know that negative energy spreads faster than positive energy and is scattered in the environment, and we all know one of these negative waves and energies as the sore eye.

According to the energy healer, human eyes are the valves of his body and can transmit energy inside the body to the environment and people.

Scientific studies have shown that in the world of physics and quantum science, negative and positive energies have electric charges, and ions with positive charge in the air cause neurological, mental and psychological disorders, and ions. Negatives bring freshness and vitality.

Salt lamp products do exactly the same thing, and by being in the home environment, the negative energy from the sore eye is reduced and excreted.

white salt lamp

What is ion therapy?

Another method that has received a lot of attention today is ion therapy, which is taught in China, although Russia and China are leading the way, thanks to Russia’s strong track record of developing methods. Amazing is the use of salt room and salt cave.

Ion therapy and the use of lighted rock salt in the living and working environment have worked well to treat many diseases.

How is this medicine treated?

Salt rock can be used to benefit from ion therapy, research has shown that the use of rock salt lampshade, provided that it is of the therapeutic type, has the effects of ion therapy and causes:

1 Reduce and regulate heart rate and blood pressure

2 Increase the amount of air entering the lungs with each breath

3 Increase the rate of small cells covering the wall of the respiratory tract that play a role in cleansing.

4 Positive effects on hormone-producing glands

5 Regulate circadian rhythms and natural brain waves

6 Control and reverse the effects of positive ions in the body

white salt lamp

Construction of salt therapy clinic

In order to build a salt therapy clinic, it is necessary to determine and determine in advance the location and construction of the salt therapy clinic in the desired dimensions.

This place doesn’t have to be a big, out-of-town space, but it can even be a small warehouse in your home, but if for any reason you can’t build a salt therapy clinic, be sure to use enough salt rock lampshades at home.

white salt lamp

To choose and buy the necessary materials for the salt therapy room, you should first contact the specialists of the Halito collection. It is good to know that the powerful Halito team is the largest manufacturer of the salt cave room in Iran.

Here are a few ways to build a salt therapy clinic:

  1. The first is to make a salt room
  2. The second method is to build a place in the shape of a salt cave, each of which has its own properties
  3. Construction of salt therapy clinic with rock salt
  4. Build a salt therapy room with salt bricks
  5. Use salt spray to make the salt room

Contact us to build a salt room at a cheap and most efficient price.

Source: Halito rock salt company