Buy rock salt from biggest supplier in iran

Buy rock salt

Buy rock salt from biggest supplier in iran, supply pink rock salt monthly 1500 tons, red rock salt 2500 tons, white rock salt per month 10000 tons.

Buy animal rock salt

Livestock rock salt is one of the minerals that has a lot of consumption and its absence causes financial losses and on the other hand, the loss of life for livestock.

Livestock, both cattle and sheep, are in dire need of licking rock salt to ward off diseases of the tongue and mouth, as well as clearing the stomach of any pests. Lack of timely access to rock salt causes the animal to cling to anything around it. And intends to lick it.

It has been observed many times by ranchers and ranchers that cows and sheep have started licking the doors and walls of livestock due to the lack of rock salt, and even one of the ranchers stated that the sheep have started eating each other’s wool.

Naturally, setting up and running a livestock office is very expensive, and you need to always be careful about providing salt to provide animals to avoid financial losses.

Buy rock salt

Export edible rock salt

Edible rock salt is a very rare salt rock with a purity of more than 99%, because refined edible salt always has a purity of more than 99%, which is why these rock salts are also called edible.

Of course, we have always emphasized that according to the Ministry of Health, only refined edible salt should be used to meet your needs, and the oral use of rock salt is not recommended.

High salt with a purity of 99.5%, which is a very rare type of rock salt, is sold by the Halito rock salt company and is considered as one of the export products of the collection.

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Rock salt to remove water hardness

Rock salt for hardening and purification, as well as resin reduction, must be of a material that removes deposits without imposing additional sediment on the system.

At first glance, you may be surprised, but this is true because if you do not choose the right rock salt, not only will your hardening operation not be successful, but you will have to do it again, because the hardening salt rock should not contain any calcium and It introduces magnesium into the system and must be pure sodium.

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Halito salt Factory

Garmsar Salt Factory is a provider of iodized and non-iodized refined edible salt by recrystallization method and has the highest purity of 99.8% in a 25 kg package. For direct purchase of edible salt from the factory, contact us.

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Buy rock salt from Iran’s salt mine

To easily buy rock salt from Garmsar salt mine, all you have to do is contact us and register your order type, such as livestock salt rock, hard rock salt, special salt rock cut, colored salt rock, whether orange or red.



Buy rock salt

All rock salts  in the Halito company are hand-picked and loaded by hand, and orders for unsalted rock salt are sent to the customer.

Source: Halito rock salt company