Edible rock salt for sale without iodine

Edible rock salt

Edible rock salt for sale without iodine, export rock salt to India and china, orange and red rock salt C&F Mundra port in cheap price.

Is rock salt edible?

In answer to the question of whether or not rock salt is edible, where is the decision-making reference for your purchase? If you want to know the opinions of different groups in this regard, join us.

About Oral Salt The Ministry of Health, regardless of the percentage of salt, considers the consumption of any rock salt harmful to the body, and the only salt that is approved and healthy by the Ministry of Health is crystallized salt.

But traditional medicine experts usually emphasize that rock salt is the best type of salt needed by the body and is very good for the consumer and will even lead to lower blood pressure.

But if you want to know which salt or rock salt is better as a personal consumption, we should say that in the vernacular of miners, rock salt that has a purity of more than 99% is considered edible, and on the other hand, the existence of such salt rock is very, very difficult. .

Edible rock salt

Selling industrial salt

Industrial salt has different grains, but the most common type of industrial salt is road salt, which we send to our domestic and foreign customers in bulk as well as in the form of Jumbo Bag packaging.

Also, powdered salt, which has industrial and livestock uses, is sold in 25 and 40 kg laminate bags at a very exceptional price, and it is possible to load up to 200 tons per day.

Edible rock salt

Edible rock salt vs sea salt

Oral salt obtained from rock salt, due to its recrystallization, retains all its properties as much as possible and loses its nutritional resources less than other purification methods. It also does not contain all the heavy metals found in sea salts and is much healthier.

Edible rock salt

Buy raw rock salt

Buying raw rock salt is often used by people who want to create their desired design on rock salt with their artistry and need raw rock salt, so if you are one of these people, don’t worry at all and easily crude rock salt Order through the Halito rock salt company.

Edible rock salt

Also, if you can’t cut and make your desired design, you can choose the most attractive decorative products in the collection. We will send it to you in raw form, in which case you will be able to print your desired label on the raw designs.

Source: Halito rock salt company