export bulk rock salt to turkey

bulk rock salt

export bulk rock salt to turkey, rock salt with a purity of 99.4% is found in Semnan Province in Iran. It is exported to Turkey at a very cheap price.

White rock salt suppliers

The best type of white rock salt in the world is found in Iran. In addition to high purity, this rock has a high density and is very resistant to drilling and cutting.

bulk rock salt

But there are other types of white salt stones that are highly purified and easily crushed, these salt stones are suitable for oral intake.

Halito rock salt Company the largest supplier of white rock salt is to export bulk rock salt to the ten countries.

White rock salt in bulk price

Iran’s bulk white rock salt is the most quality and cheapest rock salt in the world. For example Iran’s bulk rock salt per ton in FOB is less than 48 $.

bulk rock salt

If the order is higher then the price is still lower however, the the cheapest rock salt in the world is at least $ 60 per ton.

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Source: Halito rock salt company