Export Industrial Salt in Jumbo Bag to India Russia Iraq

Export Industrial Salt

Export Industrial Salt in Jumbo Bag to India Russia Iraq, Offering the lowest freight rates by sea for an absolutely incredible price.

What is industrial salt?

Generally, industrial salt refers to salts that have not been refined. Although these types of salts are highly endorsed by traditional medicine and traditional medicine, they are not approved by Ministry of Health experts.

Industrial salt or unrefined salt can be the result of crushing low-grade salt or high-quality salt. Let us make it clear:

Edible refined salt crystallization at the highest shows a purity of 99 to 99.6% although there are also salts of lower purity with a health license but there is a type of rock salt with a purity of 99.5%. Extraordinary all over the world and extracted by the Halito company, but the salt from the knocking out of the rock is considered an industry because of no refining operations!

Export Industrial Salt

Iran salt mines

Iran’s salt mines are one of the most abundant and abundant deposits in the world so that in most cities and villages of Iran salt mountain, salt mine or salt dome can be found but unfortunately due to lack of facilities for extraction of salt from many mines The form of tourism is used.
Garmsar Salt Mine is the largest salt mine in the Middle East, capable of supplying up to 10,000 tons of salt per month.

Export Industrial Salt

Export industrial salt to Iraq

Industrial salt exports are of particular importance in the world and due to the different definitions of industrial salt in each country, many countries neighboring Iran buy industrial salt from Iran and use it as a food source in the destination country.

Industrial salt has a lower purity compared to edible salt, but because of its direct crushing of salt and no processing, many prefer this type of salt and are more inclined to use it.

Export Industrial Salt

Import rock salt to India

India is one of the countries that is very interested in import of salt rock and Iran is the biggest supplier of salt in Iran, which is one of the most important suppliers of salt for India.
The bulk of the salt exported to India includes orange and red rock salt, and there are many buyers of industrial salt in India.

Export Industrial Salt
Halito rock salt company With its large salt mines and large rock salt factory in Iran, it is capable of delivering 5,000 tonnes of packaged rock salt per month.
It is also possible to supply up to 1,000 tons of industrial salt per month in the supply of industrial salt.

Source: Halito rock salt company