Export Iran rock salt

Export Iran rock salt

Export Iran rock saltcrystal rock salt, red rock salt, pink rock salt, white rock salt, orange rock salt, persian blue salt.

Characteristics of Iran rock salt export market

rock salt export market is different with many items as it is possible to send rock salt either in bulk or in jumbo bag or small 50 kg bags per order and on the other hand shipping this product with bag and without bag is very different.

It is true that salt is one of the minerals, but many buyers prefer to have it in their bags, and many differences start from this point.

Although less ore may be found to be packed into the bag, salt is an exception because of its edible nature!

Since this divine gift is so abundant in Iran, Iran is one of the largest suppliers of salt in the world.

Export Iran rock salt

Where are the rock salt export markets of Iran?

It should be noted that the target markets in each product determine the manufacturer’s policy in every field and the same applies to salt rock, but one thing to keep in mind is that salt exports are highly salt-exported. Is different!

For example, in terms of Iranian salt exports, the major buyers of this product are Iraq, the UAE, Afghanistan, but in terms of rock salt it is quite different and countries such as Russia, China, India, Turkey play a key role.

In the export of rock salt, the mineral industry is one of the factors contributing to the growth and development of the economy of the country and it does not matter whether the mineral is raw or processed. One of the issues that distinguishes between different salts is Nacl.

Export Iran rock salt

Introducing different types of Iran rock salt

Following is the most important export rock salts of the Iranian market and international markets introduced to you.

Halito white rock salt

The white rock salt extracted by Halito is amazing all over the world and has never been seen before.
The purity of this salt rock is 99.5% and has oral use.
Another type of white salt with a purity of 98.5% is highly resistant to cutting and is suitable for making decorative salt and salt brick and cutting in general.

Export Iran rock salt

Iran red rock salt

Red rock salt is one of the salts that have limited resources and high iron storage and therefore in many countries consume it without any treatment and most of the red salt is used to alleviate iron deficiency.

Export Iran rock salt

Pink or Orange rock salt

Orange salt is used to make a variety of ornamental salt, salt brick, cooking salt and edible salt, although the oral use of this salt is mostly outside the borders of Iran and is often used non-food in Iran.

Halito rock salt Comany is the largest supplier of orange salt in Iran and has the capacity to supply 2,000 tons of pink salt per month.

Export Iran rock salt

Export Crystal rock salt to turkey

Crystalline salt rock is one of the rare salts of which the purest type is found only in Iran.
Halito company offers crystalline salt with a purity of 99.9%, which is an amazing figure.
The largest buyer of Iranian crystalline rock salt is Turkey.

Export Iran rock salt

Export Iran rock salt

As it was said, Iran is one of the largest holders of salt in the world which has different types of rock salt.

Export Iran rock salt
Iran’s largest salt mine is in Garmsar, owned by Halito rock salt company.
The company extracts various types of salt rock with a monthly capacity of 10,000 tons.

Source: Halito rock salt company