export salt lamp to all over the world

export salt lamp

export salt lamp to all over the world, persian salt lamps, The most unique salt lamp models made by Halito Co.

persian salt lamp

The persian salt lamp may be less known in the world, due to the fact that it is less well-known.

The works of Iranian artists are well-known in all areas of the world and the persian salt lamp is the same.

export salt lamp

Halito has gathered the largest craftsmen professors to make salt lamps.

Salt lamp company

Halito rock salt company the largest collection of salt lamps in Iran, Export salt lamp to the whole world.

Our collection has 4 specialized workshops for the production of rock salt decor and the largest amount of rock salt lamp is produced.

export salt lamp

The countries of China, the UAE, Germany, Italy and France are the biggest salary buyers of our collection.

A very nice design with a very affordable and inexpensive price tag we always have a lot of export sales.

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Export salt lamp

You are in any country you are interested in buying our products, you can go through the links below this page register your order.

Naturally, your order can not be less than the amount required for the export of salt lamp.

export salt lamp

Contact us for more information on how many orders and how to send products.

Source: Halito rock salt company