High-grade orange rock salt for export

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Orange rock salt is one of the types of rock salt on the market that is very bright and when the sunlight is reflected on it, it gives a wonderful beauty to the space. This type of rock salt can be one of the rarest types and it is not possible to find this type of salt in many mines. Therefore, its export is more limited than other salts, but Iran is one of the leaders in this industry. Orange salt is one of the healthiest type of salts for the human body, and in addition to being used in cooking, it can be used as a decorative stone in the home to attract all the negative energies in the environment.

orange rock salt

What minerals are in orange rock salt?

Orange salt has many different minerals that are very good for the human body and people can benefit from it.
The best mineral in this type of these minerals is iron. In fact, the reason for the orange color of this salt is the presence of a lot of iron in this food. There are Other minerals in this type of salt include sodium, chlorine, and iodine, which are often used in our diets.

Here we look at the different types of these minerals and our need in food:

  • Iron: Lack of iron in the blood causes boredom, paleness, weak nerves and other diseases that can be relieved by using orange salt, while other salts have less iron than orange salt and are not suitable for Anemia.
  • Iodine: Eating a little amount of iodine per day is essential for the body and makes the thyroid gland always healthy. By consuming orange salt, you can always get this amount of iodine to your body and prevent it from getting sick.

orange rock salt

Who are successful exporter of orange rock salt?

Having these minerals has made this salt superior to different types of salt and has more buyers in international markets. Many exporters are engaged in the export of orange salt and send Iranian orange salt to Middle Eastern countries, among which we can say that the most successful exporter is the one who can provide more salt with higher quality and lower price to consumers and buyer all over the world.

orange rock salt

One of the things that successful exporters of orange salt should consider is the amount of each country’s need for orange salt and meeting different needs. How the product is exported also affects the work of exporting companies, and it is important to know which vehicle they should use for exporting.

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