Industrial rock salt producer

rock salt producer

Industrial rock salt producer, supply and export red and orange rock salt in bulk and in 50 kg bag and jumbo bag (1 ton), lowest ocean freight to India and china.

Introducing types of industrial rock salt

Types of industrial salt rock are produced in Iran. The main difference between these products is in their production method. Industrial rock salt is produced in this general type of dark and clear rock salt. Each of these products is used in different industrial and food industries. they take. Livestock farmers are considered to be full-fledged customers of industrial rock salt tablets. Another type of these products cannot be consumed at all and only the products of this product are used for use in various industries such as glass and steel mills and mold making and other industrial items.

Rock salt can be distinguished from each other by the size of its grains. Salt rock is very useful for important purposes such as leather making, livestock, poultry, refinery and cleaning oil wells, and it can be said that this product is more than today. It has thousands of industrial and food applications. Salt rock has long been one of the most traded products in the world. The trade of this product is of great importance both in the past and in the present. He mentioned salt in two types, fine-grained and coarse-grained, each of which is used in various industries. Is done.

rock salt producer

Wholesale industrial rock salt from the manufacturer

Buying bulk industrial salt from the manufacturer can bring many economic benefits. Buying salt from the manufacturer is more economical and the price of this product is greatly reduced. Major purchase of this product for industrial factories and food manufacturers. It is very economical.

rock salt producer

Mineral salt extracted from mines has different grains in different sizes, so you can order and buy the types of rock salt you need in different sizes by buying from a major manufacturer. Buying bulk salt from the manufacturer can also cost less to ship.

Source: Halito rock salt company