Industrial salt for export in jumbo bag

Industrial salt

Industrial salt for export in jumbo bag, export industrial salt to India, china, russia and turkey, jumbo bag and 50 kg packing.

Selling Iranian salt

Garmsar salt mines are among the most important mines in Iran, which supply a large part of the country’s industrial salt and edible salt.

The salt extracted in the large Garmsar salt mine, due to its unparalleled quality and quality in the world, in addition to meeting domestic needs, is widely imported into world markets.

Garmsar Salt Stone Mine is currently the largest exporter of Iran’s exported salt rock, which is extracted by the Halito rock salt company.

Industrial salt

Introducing edible and industrial salts

Salt is an element found in abundance in nature, and its extraction from natural mines and tunnels is common around the world.

Salt is available in a variety of refined (edible) and non-refined (industrial) salts in consumer markets.

Iran’s salt mines have the best type of salt and Garmsar salt is known as one of the best salts.

But some other salts, such as blue rock salt, contain a lot of potassium, and in addition to relaxation, bring blood pressure control and heart rate to the consumer.

The main difference between edible salt and industrial salt is its purity. The degree and purity of industrial salt is lower than that of edible salt, and industrial salt has no iodine.

Edible salt, as an essential element for the supply of minerals and minerals such as iodine needed by the body, should be used in a balanced daily diet, and industrial salts, as its name suggests, are salts that are used in various industries. These include the petrochemical industry, the detergent industry, and the paper and carton industry, and their oral use is illegal.

Industrial salt

Road Salt sale Center

One of the most important applications of industrial salt is as road salt, which is the distance between pounding and granulation for rock salt to be poured on roads and roads on snow and ice.

Important use of this type of salt on suburban and suburban roads is during the cold seasons to melt snow and ice, to reduce road slippage and to prevent road accidents such as car accidents and accidents.

Industrial salt

Export Industrial salt in jumbo bag

Since Iran’s mines are among the most important salt mines in the world and Iran is recognized as one of the twenty high-quality salt miners worldwide, salt mined from domestic mines, in addition to supplying a large portion of large and small industries, many Exported from countries around the world.

Industrial salt

Iraq, Turkey, Russia and some of the Persian Gulf countries are the largest buyers of salt extracted from the country’s mines.

Source: Halito rock salt company