Iran Industrial Salt Sale Market

Industrial Salt Sale Market

Iran Salt Industrial Salt Market, Granular Salt Powder Salt from 1 mm to 5 mm can be exported to all parts of the world

Industrial salt Vs edible salt

As you know, salt plays a very important role in our lives and salt can be classified into two categories.

  1. Edible salt
  2. Industrial salt

Industrial salt differs from edible salt in several respects, the most important of which are the following three:

  1. Lower degree of purity
  2. Untreated
  3. No iodine

The use of industrial salt has caused the sales of industrial salt to be very high, as it is the main factor in almost all industries.

Among its applications can be used in various industries:

  • Livestock
  • leather manufacturing
  • Water treatment plants
  • For cleaning agents
  • Textile color
  • In cleaning oil wells
  • Paper production
  • Tire production
  • Steel production

In addition, industrial salt is widely used in chemical plants.

Industrial Salt Sale Market

Types of industrial salt

Industrial salt has different types, the most important of which are:

  • Salt size 5.5 to 2.5 mm
  • Salt size 1 to 5 mm
  • Salt size .3 to .6 mm
  • Powdered salt

Salt Size 5.5 to 2.5: This salt is also known as Mash 110 salt. Another name for it is drilling salt, because the main buyers of this salt are oil drilling companies and they need it very much to prevent the destruction of the well wall. Foods In some cases, this salt is used, such as salt, to make food profitable in Georgia.

Powdered salt: This type of salt is in the form of powder, which is also called soft salt, and is widely used to prepare animal feed.

In the field of chemical production, especially acidification, only powdered salt is used, although its oral use is very high in Afghanistan.

Salt Size .3 to 6. mm: We come to the latest category of industrial salts called shell salts. These salts are in the form of powder and are similar to soft salt, but due to their brightness and luster, they are called shell industrial salts. Have named.

This salt has two meshes or the same famous size, which are famous for 120 and 130, of course, type 130 usually has very little production, especially in winter, it is difficult to produce.

Industrial Salt Sale Market

Industrial Salt Sale Market

The industrial salt market is always booming and the main reason for this is the expansion of industries. For example, China is one of the largest holders of industries in the world and therefore needs to use industrial salt.

Industrial Salt Sale Market

Iran, with its high production capacity of industrial salt, has the ability to meet the industrial needs of Asian countries, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Source: Halito rock salt company