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Iran Rock Salt

Iran’s salt domes are one of the most important units of Iranian geomorphology, the most dense of which are formed in the fragmented and fragmented zones of the Zagros and in the Persian Gulf, whose source is the salt basin of Hormuz, which belongs to Inframbrinin. in this article we want to talk about Iran Rock Salt.

Iran Rock Salt

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Salt dams in central Iran are related to the Eocene deposits and the lower red formation, as well as the rule of the high red formation. Salt domes are formed by the infiltration of salt masses in sedimentary rock cover and their delivery to the earth’s surface. The pressure from the sediments on the salt layers is applied to the salt layers. In this regard, salt domes are a complex set of different sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic rocks. The cross-section of these shapes is generally circular or close to the circle, which are seen as spherical or oval protrusions and are seen in various non-geometric shapes due to erosion. Salt glaciers and karst forms are very interesting phenomena in salt domes. Salt domes are an important source of salinity for water and soil resources. On the other hand, salt domes attract a lot of attention by creating oil and salt and salt sources. For this reason, studying this geomorphological unit is very important.

Iran is one of the 20 countries in the world that has the best type of rock salt. In Iran, there is one of the rarest rock salts in the world, known as blue rock salt. Blue rock salt has no edible aspect and due to the blue streaks that exist in the white background of salt rock and has caused it to have a beautiful appearance, it is used for decoration. Of course, other salts such as halite rock salt, crystalline salt and… are also found in Iran’s rock salt mines.

Rock salt, which is very widely used and a significant part of edible salt is obtained by operating on rock salt, is very common in Iran. Iran is rich in rock salt mines, each of which has saltstones with different purity percentages in its heart, and in addition to using rock salt in the food salt industry, there will be other uses for it. Salt rock does not exist in only one type of white, and to date, different types of rock salt have been found not only in Iran but also in different countries. The presence of various impurities such as arsenic, iron and… has caused the diversity of rock salt in different mines to increase, and therefore, the use of rock salt is becoming more and more widespread. you can find salt lamp in this article.

Iran Rock Salt

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Although rock salt has many uses and cannot be denied its properties and benefits for the body, there is no store or shop dedicated to the supply of rock salt in the market. Apart from industrial rock salt, which is used by manufacturing plants and factories directly and without intermediaries, buy rock salt from the desired mines, edible rock salt, decor rock salt, etc. are hard to find in the Iranian market.

Iran Rock Salt

Of course, it can be a good option to buy in person, perfumeries or shops that supply natural and organic food. However, a lot of time will be spent buying rock salt. Advances in technology and busy schedules have often led to online shopping for a variety of products, including rock salt.

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