persian blue salt wholesale send from iran

Persian blue salt wholesale

persian blue salt wholesale send from iran all over the world. Halito rock salt company based in Garmsar the purest persian blue salt export to world wide.

what is persian blue salt

There are different kinds of rock salt in the world, each of them has different colors. different colors of salt rock vary according to their mineral content.

persian blue salt wholesale

For example Himalayan Red rock salt is rich in iron, its color is red and orange. Accordingly, there is a kind of rock salt, which is very high in potassium.

persian blue salt wholesale

This rock salt it is famous for the blue rock salt which is known as Persian Blue Salt. Persian blue salt is the most rare type of salt in the world.

Where is persian blue salt found

Persian blue salt just found in Iran and in the city of Garmsar.The annual amount of extraction of blue rock salt is so low that it does not reach 10 tons annually.

persian blue salt wholesale

Persian blue salt wholesale

Persian blue salt wholesale due to the very small amount of this salt rock it is very difficult to work.

Halito Co. The largest persian blue salt exporter from Garmsar and it always has the highest amount of salt.

Persian blue salt wholesale

Buy persian blue salt for Pre-purchase is also possible. In this case the first Blue rock salt found is for you and not sold.
Contact us to buy and prebuy persian blue salt.

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