produce and export white salt lamp

white salt lamp

produce and export white salt lamp the most beautiful and diverse models, Produced in the Hallito Co.

white salt lamp benefits

White salt rock has many benefits, even if  let’s use this rock salt without turning it into a salt lamp for example consider the following:

  • Getting Mobile Waves
  • Absorption of cigarette smoke
  • Generate negative ions to eliminate electrical signals
  • Positive energy release
  • Absorb the pollution of the surrounding area

If you put a piece of white salt rock in the corner all environmental pollutants are absorbed then you can easily clean the rock with an easy wiping cloth.

white salt lamp

Note that if you want to use the properties of rocky salt without a light, you should put it in a place where the sunlight directly lighted it.
Because salt rock releases its properties in the form of heat but if you do not do it again, the salt rock has the property of absorbing contamination.



white salt lamp

Where is the best white rock salt?

The best type of white rock salt in the world belongs to Iran because this salt rock has a lot of sodium it also has a lot of health benefits.

To produce a salt lamp, salt rock should be used that has a high resistance to cutting and it’s not easy to powder, and finding a high-density white salt rock is very hard this type of white salt with the highest quality is extracted only in Garmsar city of Iran.

white salt lamp

Apart from Iran, many countries use this rock salt to produce salt lamps which can be mentioned from the following countries

  • Turkey
  • India
  • Russia

Halito white salt lamp models

Halito rock salt company as the largest salt lamp manufacturer in Iran, besides having a white rock salt 4 specialized workshops for cutting salt rock and producing salt luminaires whose Iranian handicraftsmen produce salt lamps.

Some examples of Halito Group products are shown below visit all the products on this page.

where can i buy a salt lamp

If you are the main buyer of salt lumber anywhere in the world you live you can order Halito Group salt products
Halito Salt Lamp Products have many advantages including:

  • High-purity white salt salt is used
  • Made by craftsmen from Iran
  • The price is very cheap

Source: Halito rock salt company