Rock salt for sale in bulk and in bag supply and export

rock salt for sale

rock salt for sale in bulk and in bag supply and export,  is sold for industrial, decorative, animal feed, hardening, salt brick and salt room of different quality according to customer’s taste and at the most affordable price.

rock salt for all uses

If you are also a rock salt consumer or want to use rock salt you should know that Halito rock salt company offers all types of rock salt for sale to its customers.

Types of rock salt in our collection:

  • livestock rock salt
  • Edible salt
  • rock salt for hard water
  • orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • rock salt for boiler
  • Types of Industrial Salts
  • rock salt cut and cubic
  • white rock salt
  • persian blue salt

According to published statistics, a small portion of the ore mines, which account for about 6 percent, are used for edible purposes. The rest, comprising about 94%, will be used in industries.

rock salt for sale

Buy and sell rock salt

Considering the above, it can be concluded that the sale of rock salt in the world market is not only between salt mines and edible salt factories, and there are other factories that buy salt.

Rock salt can have a different degree of purity the same degree of purity of the rock salt has led to its use in different industries.

rock salt for sale

what is the use of rock salt?

This is the question are often asked about the use of rock salt to this end, some of the rock salt uses are summarized below:

  • Leather and tanning factories
  • As a diet of livestock and poultry
  • In the fisheries industry
  • In the aluminum industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Manufacture of decorative items
  • Construction of salt walls and salt bricks
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Industries
  • Cosmetics industry
  • water refinery

rock salt for sale

How to set the price of rock salt

Do you know how the price of rock salt is determined? What Factors Affect the Price of Salt Stone? Some of the factors affecting the price of rock salt are:

  • Cost of extraction and loading
  • transport cost
  • Order tonnage
  • Rock salt quality
  • Market volatility

The costs mentioned above are very important factors that directly affect the cost and sale of rock salt, Of course, in addition to the above costs, there are other factors that indirectly affect the price of rock salt.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt quality is an important factor influencing the price of rock salt

You know that besides sodium and chlorine, rock salt may also contain impurities. The lower the amount of these impurities in the rock salt, the higher the salt content and the higher the quality.



For example, a 99.5% purity rock salt that is suitable for edible salt production will have a higher market price than rock salt with a purity of less than 95% and is known as an industrial rock salt.

rock salt for sale

Iran rock salt market

Iran is very large and with numerous salt mines, has a large production volume.
Different types of rock salt are extracted and exported in Iran, made Iran the largest exporter of rock salt in the Middle East.
Due to the extent of Iran’s borders, many countries are neighboring with this country and have a common border and can easily supply their salt rock from Iran.



rock salt for sale

Halito rock salt company, having the largest salt ore mine, has the most potential to extract and load rock salt.
The speed of transfer, loading and preparation of orders is a feature of the Halito rock salt company.

Many times you do not need to use the highest quality rock salt. The lower grade rock salt will do the job for you. Contact to us for free of charge and get free advice.

rock salt for sale

Selling rock salt for hard water

One of the uses of rock salt As mentioned above, the use of rock salt to remove hard water is the most important natural material for hardening and repairing resin and water treatment.

Whichever rock salt you use is also important, but we strongly recommend that you use rock salt that does not contain calcium and magnesium.

We cut first grade of rock salt that without magnesium and calcium and send for our customers in 20 kg package and minimum order is 25 ton.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt lamp wholesale

One of the biggest activities of Halito rock salt Company is the production of rock salt lamp which has the first rank in the field of salt lamp production in Iran.

One of the most beautiful cut and salted that has extraordinary healing properties is salt bricks, the main use of which is to build salt rooms.

Halito salt bricks are cut and made from rock salt and have very precise and flat dimensions that completely ionize the salt room environment.

rock salt for sale

It is interesting to know that the specialist team of Halito Company is the largest salt cave chamber builder in Iran and you will see a few examples of implemented projects below.

food grade salt suppliers

Raw salt accounts for about 30% of the salt and rock salt market, and is about 10% to 20% salt which is cut in various forms but with more than 50% remaining converted to salt.
These salts are divided into two main food and industrial categories, depending on whether they are refined.
You see the most important size of industrial salts.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt for sale in bulk

Halito rock salt company sends rock salt in bulk red rock salt, orange rock salt and white rock salt salt to any place in the world.
rock salt in Packaging can also be ordered, but large merchants are often interested in buying bulk rock salt to reduce costs.

rock salt for saleContact us for order bulk rock salt also Halito Company offers you the lowest shipping rates.

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