Rock salt wholesale for India

Rock salt wholesale for india

Rock salt wholesale for india, red rock salt, orange rock salt,  white powder rock salt, in jumbo bag and 50 kg bag C&F Mundra or Nhavashiva.

Introduction of rock salt

Salt rock is one of the natural minerals in nature that has the molecular formula of NaCl and consists of two ions, sodium and chloride, which are the cations and anions that make up this ionic compound.

This type of stone has many therapeutic uses and is also used to treat many diseases. Salt rock is produced by many companies and factories in the country and is offered for sale throughout Iran and export markets.

Due to the production of negative ions, rock salt creates a calm atmosphere that removes stress from the person and is used in the treatment of many mental, emotional and physical diseases.

Rock salt wholesale for india

Production of rock salt lamp

Among the applications in which wholesale salt rock is for decorative workshops, decorative salt rock is a major part of the domestic rock salt market.

Different colors of rock salt, which include red, orange, cream and white, create a very beautiful color spectrum that will create a wide variety of products.

Rock salt wholesale for india

Buy pink rock salt

Rock salt is the raw material needed by many industries in the country. Many are sold nationwide, so rock salt is a medicinal drug for many centers that must always be consumed.

Decorative raw rock salt, which is needed by many businesses, especially home businesses that market products with their own labels, is an attractive and great idea, and in this way we will be your partner and provide you with raw decorative products. And easily stick any label you like.

In addition to the above two, raw salt is also used in many livestock and animal husbandry centers. However, the salt rock used for each of these jobs is very different. For example, pay attention to the image below and the difference between salt rock and stone See livestock salt.

Rock salt wholesale for india

Rock salt wholesale for india

Rock salt in Iran is known as one of the most widely used rocks, but this acquaintance may not be complete and 100%, because some types of rock salt, such as blue rock salt, are still unknown, while Outside the borders of our country, it is very famous and well-known.

In the domestic market, rock salt is known in the field of food and livestock, hardening and water purification and decoration, and in many countries, salt rock is also used for human consumption, but it should be noted that the difference between different types of rock salt is very large.

Rock salt wholesale for india

Halito rock salt Group is able to supply 3,000 tons of orange rock salt and 5,000 tons of red rock salt per month in Jumbo Bag packaging in the form of FOB delivery or delivery in the C&F destination country.

Source: Halito rock salt company