Sell white rock salt with a purity of 99%

Sell white rock salt

Sell white rock salt with a purity of 99%, export to all parts of the world. Call for price and purchase.

Benefits of white rock salt

White salt rock has a very high sodium content, White salt rock has different uses. White salt rock also has many Energy therapy properties.

sell white rock salt

To use the therapeutic properties of white rock salt, it is used as a rock salt lamp.

The best white rock salt in the world

The best type of white salt rock is extracted in Garmsar city of Semnan province in Iran. This rock is unique in its type and contains 99.4% pure sodium.

sell white rock salt

Export white rock salt

Halitol salt rock company located in the city of Garmsar exports 99.4% purity of salt rock around the world. Call for the purchase of pure salt rock.

Sell white rock salt

Source: Halito Rock Salt Company