supply and export iran rock salt

iran rock salt

supply and export iran rock salt, white rock salt in Iran has 99.5 purity which is unique in the world.

Rock salt mines

Salt rock minerals are the result of the formation of deposits from millions of years ago.
These sediments are in fact the same mineral that has many properties and salt with various colors is also due to the presence of various minerals.

iran rock salt
Rock salt minerals exist in many countries, but their rock salt quality is different and one of the countries with high quality salt rock is Iran.
The Garmsar region in Iran has some rock salt mines that do not exist in the world like that.

Garmsar salt mines

As already mentioned, some of the rock salt mines in Garmsar are not comparable in the world including Blue rock salt and white salt rock with a purity of 99.5%.

iran rock salt

Blue rock salt or the famous blue salt only found in Garmsar mines. Persian blue salt in the world has a lot to buy but there is always a small amount of it.

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Supply and export Iran rock salt

Extraction, supply and export of rock salt Of the things that need to be very careful.

iran rock salt

Engineers of Halito Co., with a huge experience of years of supply and rock salt exports all orders are carefully packed and shipped.

Source: Halito rock salt company