Supply loose rock salt from iran

loose rock salt

Supply loose rock salt from Iran, orange rock salt and red rock salt in loose without packing in very cheap price, the lowest price for ocean freight.

Buy raw rock salt

Crude rock salts are natural salts that are extracted from the mines and have no refining operations. These rock salts are white, red, orange and black.

The main rock salt supplying countries in the world are Iran, Pakistan, China, the US and Russia.
For example, Russia, which is one of the rock salt holders in the world, but the quality of the extracted rock salts is not so high, which makes it possible to get their rock salt from Iran, and so is Turkey.



The company extracts and loads monthly rock salts of heavy rock up to 10,000 tons per month
The continued supply and export of rock salt to various countries indicates the high quality of the company’s products.

loose rock salt

Rock salt suppliers

Timely supply of rock salt and delivery of customer orders at the right time is very important but not all companies are capable of doing so.
Halito company, with the largest rock salt mine in the Middle East and two rock salt-packing plants, is capable of packing up to 6,000 tons of rock salt per month.
But it is possible to supply rock salt in loose without packing up to 10,000 tons per month

Crude salt has many uses, for example:

  • Preparation of edible salt
  • Leather and tanning
  • Olive
  • Drilling
  • Petrochemical
  • Hardening and water treatment
  • Aluminum

It is therefore used extensively in all industries, and without it many industrial cycles would not function properly.

loose rock salt

wholesale industrial rock salt

Industrial rock salt contains a lot of sodium and chlorine and is divided into different types depending on its constituent elements.

The color of industrial salt rock determines its purity. The amount of chloride in industrial salt is between 92 and 99.9 percent.

The kind of industry and machinery you are going to use in stone is extremely effective in buying industrial rock salt.

loose rock salt

Export loose rock salt

Usually all shoppers prefer to buy rock salt in one ton jumbo bag or 50kg pack.
But you might be interested to know that there are many buyers who prefer to buy salt in loose without packaging because it is very cheap.

loose rock salt
Since even one dollar is decisive in rock salt pricing, buying loose rock salt without packaging will greatly reduce the price of the product.
Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of loose and packed rock salt in Iran, which sells its products at very cheap prices in export markets.

Source: Halito rock salt company