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Blue rock salt price in iran,, Garmsar blue rock salt is the purest and rarest type of blue rock salt in the world, which is found only in the mines of this city. Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of blue salt rock of Garmsar origin…
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Unlike sea salt which is obtained from salt ponds, Persian blue salt is a salt fossil or flower, whose crystals were formed 100 million times ago in the Precambrian seas. The blue color of this Iranian salt originates from sylvinite, a potassium…
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Persian blue salt wholesale and export, supply crystal blue rock salt from iran, The rarest rock salt in the world. Persian blue salt Blue salt has been formed during thousands of years of fossilization, and unlike sea salt extracted from…
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Export persian blue salt from iran, persian blue salt wholesale, blue salt edible, export blue rock salt all over the world. Persia’s blue salt has many nutritional qualities. The raw mineral of Iranian mountains is rich in calcium, magnesium,…
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Persian Blue Salt Export Center, Halito rock salt company, is the most specialized group supplying and exporting persian blue salt, The Halito group shopping and Exporting Center has always supplied persian blue salt for supply. Persian Blue…