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Making all kinds of salt bricks with the best quality

Making all kinds of salt bricks with the best quality, dimensions 10 * 15 and 10 * 20, thickness 3 cm to 5 cm, buying salt blocks for cooking, selling wholesale, exporting to Azerbaijan and Turkey, delivery in the destination country. From…
Salt Brick Production

Salt Brick Production and export Center

Salt Brick Production and export Center, white salt brick, orange salt brick, Dimensions 10 * 20 *5 cm, 10*10*3, 5*18*3. Introduction to salt bricks Salt brick is one of the types of bricks that has unique ingredients and certainly given…
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where to buy salt bricks

where to buy salt bricks, Halito Co. is the largest producer of salt bricks, Salt bricks are completely flattened, In different colors, The price is very cheap, Export to all parts of the world. Introducing salt bricks Some rock salt has…