Industrial Salt

Industrial Salt Price 2020

Industrial salt is Industrial Salt that is less pure than edible salt. The main differences between this type of salt and edible salt are the lower purity, non-purification and non-iodine content of the industrial type. The purity of oral…
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Iran industrial salt factory in Garmsar

Iran industrial salt factory in Garmsar, white salt and suji salt, size .5 to 8 mm in 25 kg and jumbo bag. Sales of granulated industrial salt, edible industrial salt, daily price of industrial salt, up-to-date production of industrial…
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Purchasing industrial salt at top prices

Inedible salt, known as industrial salt on the market, has many uses in various industries. The difference between industrial salt and edible salt is in the purity percentage of these two types of salt. Factories that need industrial salt on…