The first producer of livestock salt in Iran

producer of livestock salt

It is the first producer of livestock salt in Semnan province.export rock salt for camel to Qatar, It is the most unrivaled province in livestock salt production. Livestock salt is a first-class product for livestock. It is one of the products of livestock industry. What is the importance of livestock salts? Increase the amount of milk obtained from domestic animals.

producer of livestock salt

Preparation and distribution of various types of livestock salt

The product itself and its ingredients. The most unique product in terms of additives. The mountain is salt. This salt mountain is broken by a mill. And it reaches the consumer in the form of rock salt.

Specialists and manufacturers of salt factories collect this mineral from salt-specific mountains in different parts of our beloved country of Iran.

Semnan province has the most unique salt mountains. For this reason, most salt factories are found in these places.

Why is this product so popular? To answer, the ingredients must be thoroughly examined. Livestock salt contains sodium chloride. From this point of view, its price is much cheaper for the consumer.

Low price is one of the best options for consumers. Because in the meantime, they will benefit a lot. It certainly takes 2 weeks for a small mountain of salt to end. This benefits the animal’s animal salt.

The rock salt is ground. It is then divided into smaller pieces by sieves. Finally, they are packed in special bags made of laminate. Packaging bags should be moisture-proof to prevent mold. And finally it is marketed.

producer of livestock salt

Wholesale price of livestock salt

The bulk sale of livestock salt is based on the tonnage unit. You can ask the price of livestock salt in the current market from our site.

Keep in mind that prices in our country are constantly rising and falling. According to the fact, the types of livestock salt available in the factories will have different prices due to the addition of additives. So they still have different qualities.

producer of livestock salt

The main reason that rock salt absorbs water very quickly. It has a lot of calcium. This is the main cause of hardening of rock salt. Inevitably, potassium is added to the ferrous salt rock. As a result, we face an increase in the price of salt.

Source: Halito rock salt company