the market of buy rock salt decor

rock salt decor

Buy rock salt decor in designs and models that are very diverse sales in bulk and single, Some of the works produced in the Halito  group in the single world and so on.

Rock Salt decor models

The Halito Group has highly skilled craftsmen of various types of rock salt lamp decors it is marketed in a very diverse range of models.

For more information, visit the exclusive products of the Halito Group pictures of some of the work have been exposed to you.

rock salt decor

Unique and export models of rock salt lamp decor in the Hallito Group, they are made of a very unique quality.

Types of rock salt decor

In our group, different models of rock salt lamp are produced at different prices.

Stay tuned for a variety of Halito Salt rock models:

  • Rock salt lamp decor for export
  • rock salt lamp decor cut out
  • Rocky rock salt lamp decor

Rock salt lamp decor for export

As its name suggests, this is a sample of rock salt models they are made in a very professional way and they are considered an artwork.

Most buyers of this kind of work in the Arab countries and in Europe, Italians, Spain and Germany favor the artwork of rock salt.

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]THE ARTWORK OF HALITO SALT IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD[/box]

rock salt decor

Naturally this rock salt lamp is more expensive than other salt.

Rock salt lamp decor cut out

This sample of salt lamps is cut in a very beautiful way and most of the images are printed on them.

Hallito group set for different workings made he started to produce cut-and-cut decorated salt rock it has been labeled with glass.

rock salt decor

It does these labels will look like glass on their salt rock and improves the quality of work to an incredible level.

Rocky rock salt lamp decor

Rocky rock salt is exactly the same irregular shape of salt rock that has not been cut.

This model has its own fans and is often suitable for pasting images.

rock salt decor
Source: Halito rock salt company