the most beautiful salt lamps website

salt lamps website

the most beautiful salt lamps website in Halito rock salt company website. This company is the largest producer in Iran and export the most beautiful salt lamp decor.

Unique salt lamp

Halito company produces the most unique salt lamp models. For example two models of the work are presented below.
You can search these images on the Internet and seeing the models do not get anywhere.

salt lamp website
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Salt lamp model elephant

Salt lamp model elephant one of the most beautiful salt lamp produced in Halito rock salt company. Look carefully at the elegance and see how beautiful it is.

These crafts are made by Iranian craftsman who have a world reputation.

salt lamp website

Salt lamp model tooth

Another unique salt lamp model is tooth. This model too made by Halito Co. and very beautiful. All these models are carefully designed and delivered.

salt lamp website

This model is salt lamp and rock salt candle holder.

Salt lamps website

Halito company website is a place to order salt lamps decor. If you like our models, we can send them to you.

salt lamps website

But min order for every model should be 300 PCS.

Source: Halito rock salt company