Wholesale center of raw and cut rock salt

cut rock salt

Wholesale center of raw and cut rock salt, biggest salt bricks and salt lamp manufacturer in iran, unique salt lamp in the world.

Persian salt lamp

By placing pieces of colored salt rock from salt mines, the Himalayan rock salt lamp is made, and because of its more attractive appearance, it usually has more fans.

These lights look great and radiate warm light and pink when the light comes on.

Researchers believe that the rock salt in the mines is millions of years old, and the presence of minerals in the rocks makes them look different colors.

Today, many people are looking to provide these beautiful lights so that they can both enjoy its beautiful light and enjoy the positive effects of rock salt in their home environment.

The way these lights work is that the rock salt lamp actually acts like a natural ionizer, meaning that the electric charge changes the air around us because the ions have an unbalanced number of protons or They are electrons, they are considered compound compounds, and as a result of atmospheric changes (for example, along waterfalls, waves, storms, natural radioactivity, and heat) they are produced in the air. These ions can also be created artificially by air ionizers.



cut rock salt

Wholesale decor Salt lamp

As mentioned above, rock salt can neutralize the dangerous positive ions caused by electronics in our living environment by producing negative ions.

If the rock salt is pure and therapeutic, it has the ability to absorb waves as well as eliminate negative waves, and for this purpose, the Halito rock salt company has extracted therapeutic rock salt and produced decorative therapeutic rock salt.

These salt rocks, with their special lamps, are capable of fighting positive ions, which cause unconscious headaches as well as depression caused by long-term use of electronic devices.

cut rock salt

The largest cut rock salt production center

For the production of rock salt, the first condition is the uninterrupted presence of rock salt in the production workshops, and of course, it is very difficult to produce pure therapeutic rock salt in all seasons, especially the cold season of the year.

However, due to its direct access to the Garmsar rock salt mine, the Halito Salt Stone Complex, in addition to meeting the needs of its specialized salt stone workshops, also meets the needs of other rock salt producers throughout the country.

cut rock salt

Salt extracted from Garmsar mines is divided into several categories in terms of purity:

  • Rock salt with a purity of more than 99%
  • Rock salt with a purity of more than 98%
  • Rock salt with a purity of less than 98%

In the Halito rock salt company, we use first-class rock salt for water purification and hardening, and the most common use of Group I rock salt is for hardening rock salt.

The second group is for cutting and producing decorative salt rock, which includes white salt rock, red salt rock and orange rock salt.

But the third category is more for animal feed consumption because lower purity also follows a lower price and for purity animal salt purity is not so much a problem, of course, third group salts are very useful for industrial use and may be He said most of its sales would go back to industry.

Source: Halito rock salt company