wholesale iodized and non-iodized mineral salt

wholesale mineral salt

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Introduction of mineral salt

Mineral salt, or natural salt, is salt that is naturally extracted from salt mines and marketed in crushed and granulated form.

Buying mineral salt has become very popular today due to its many uses, and since it is obtained directly from the salt rock mines, it is free of any additives such as iodine, and therefore the purity percentage is very high. It has a high.

Another benefit is that mineral salt is free of iodine and other additives, also called natural salt.

wholesale mineral salt

Sea salt vs mineral salt

For several years, sea salt and its use as a seasoning in food has become popular among people around the world and in Iran.

Consumers believe that this type of salt is better than natural salt or iodine-containing salt, and not only is it not too harmful to the body, but in some cases it can even control high blood pressure.

But is that really the case? The answer is no. Sea salt, like natural salt, is salt, and as much as it is necessary for the body, too much salt can be dangerous to human health, but the way it is extracted is such that the contamination does not enter it at all. It is not far from the mind, and salt, which is the purest type of salt in nature, is the same as crushed rock salt.

wholesale mineral salt

Wholesale natural mineral rock salt

The purchase of mineral salt rock, or natural rock salt, has become very popular today due to the many applications of this type of stone in the decorative, livestock and animal husbandry industries.

Livestock farmers buy salt rock to supply the salt their livestock needs, and rock salt production workshops are major customers of this God-given product.

wholesale mineral salt

Wholesale Refined Salt

Oral salt industries are among the largest consumers of rock salt because they need rock salt to produce salt.

Iodized refined salt is the only salt approved by the Ministry of Health in Iran, which supplies the Halito company in bulk and in 25 kg bags.

wholesale mineral salt

For years, salt factories have been required to use iodine to treat goiter.

Source: Halito rock salt company