Wholesale rock salt distributor in iran

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Wholesale rock salt distributor in iran, supply and export rock salt in bulk, largest supplier for industrial saltpersian blue salt, orange and red rock salt.

Uses of rock salt

Rock salt is one of the most widely used rocks in the industry. In addition to its various applications in various industries, there are many therapeutic applications for this type of rock, the therapeutic effects of which have been proven on the human body.

The use of rock salt is more common in cities where there are more industries, because rock salt is needed to purify water and eliminate water hardness.

These include the use of rock salt:

  • For animal feed
  • Use this type of stone as a decorative stone
  • To produce salt statues
  • Use it to build and build salt therapy clinics and salt rooms
  • Production and manufacture of salt bricks
  • Hardness and resin recovery

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Rock salt for remove hard water

One of the applications of rock salt is its use in water hardening, because drinking water has a variety of hardness and salt content, which is much higher for industrial water.

The main reason for the hardness of water is the presence of divalent cations such as magnesium and calcium, and the higher the amount of these cations in the water, the greater the hardness.

Although this hardness has beneficial properties for the body, but its long-term use will cause complications such as kidney stones, heart problems and so on, so this water hardness should be reduced, which is one of the most important uses of this salt rock. Its immediate effect is to reduce hardness and purify water and regenerate resin.

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Wholesale persian blue salt

In addition to the production and sale of various rock salt, there is another type of rock salt that is called blue salt salt in the international markets and is the leading salt rock extracted in Iran.

Usually, most buyers of Garmsar blue saltstone are from European countries and there is not much familiarity with this product in the country, but usually in Tehran, there are more or less buyers of this rock salt and they order blue salt for oral consumption or as a gift.

You may be surprised, but blue rock salt is a luxury product, which is why many people use this exceptional salt rock as a gift. Halito is supplied with rock salt, which is unique in the whole world.

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Wholesale salt bricks

In the field of rock salt sales, one of the applied products produced from these rocks is salt brick, the main use of which is for the construction of salt walls and salt rooms.

The salt room made of salt bricks is very prosperous and eye-catching and can be applied in any environment.

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Salt rocket production and sales policies are such that in addition to producing the rock salt required by the country, they can also export some of their salt production to foreign countries.

Wholesale rock salt distributor

Many Asian and European countries are eager to buy Iranian rock salt every year, and our neighbors have always had the highest purchase volume.

Source: Halito rock salt company