Wholesale rock salt lamp in cheap price

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Wholesale rock salt lamp

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Where to put rock salt in the house

At present, the wholesale sale of decorative salt rock is very prosperous and is used in many cases, for example, salt rock, if placed in the home environment, can cause many physical and chemical changes.

In general, it can be said that rock salt has many properties that affect a person’s health, and it is better to place rock salt in a place where there is the most traffic in that area.

Salt rocks can function to a certain extent. So it is better to choose a place for them where the residents of the house spend a lot of time in that area, as well as electronic devices and equipment.

Also, do not neglect to keep the bedside lamp in the bedroom, especially the children’s bedroom, because it creates a very relaxing atmosphere for the child.

Due to its many uses, rock salt is often used to decorate work or home decor.

It is commonly said that “there are salt rocks that, after being mined, cannot be eaten because of their low purity and are used to make decorative salt.”

We tell you that this is not the case, and in the Halito salt rock collection, salt rock therapy is used to make the salt rock bedside lamp, and although this rock salt is much more expensive, the result is amazing.

Basically, if the type of rock salt is not therapeutic, you should never expect a miracle from rock salt and its unique properties.

Wholesale rock salt lamp

Production of rock salt lamp

Salt rock is a natural material and its decorative items are very widely used, but you should note that decorative salt rock needs to be operated on this natural material in order to have a very beautiful shape.

To cover the market in terms of price, Halito Group, in addition to producing very attractive export products, also produces and sells cheap samples of decorative saltstone.

For example, lampshades that bring peace of mind to the family environment, such as sore eye stones, many buyers want to have Van Yakad salt in their home.

Wholesale rock salt lamp

Salt lamp Sales and Export Center

The export of decorative rock salt is one of the most difficult tasks because the export market for decorative rock salt is extremely competitive and heavy, and countries such as Egypt and Pakistan have strong control over this market.

On the other hand, the high price of labor and the cutting of rock salt in Iran, as well as the lack of a proper understanding of the tastes of foreign customers, have made it very difficult to export decorative rock salt.

To enter the international market, Halito rock salt company has used pure Iranian art, which has special customers all over the world.

Wholesale rock salt lamp

Wholesale rock salt lamp

Among the products whose wholesale sales are usually well-received are salt rock salt, cube rock salt, pyramid rock salt, bowl salt rock, pot rock salt, and Van Yakad rock salt.



Wholesale rock salt lamp

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Source: Halito rock salt company