Wholesale therapical persian Salt lamp

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Wholesale Salt lamp

Wholesale therapical persian Salt lamp, The most beautiful and diverse models of Iranian salt bedside lamps.

Production of negative ions from rock salt lamp

Salt rock lampshade is one of the most popular decorations, which has been welcomed by the public with its knowledge about the properties of rock salt.

Salt rock lampshade can provide a pleasant environment for a comfortable and peaceful sleep in your bedroom environment. This attractive environment is not only created for the attractive and stylish appearance of the rock salt lampshade, but also due to the inherent properties of rock salt in this bedroom. There is.

The properties of the salt rock bedside lamp are very high and the reason could be the production of negative ions from these natural lampshades. As you know, salt consists of a 6-sided ionic network formed by the combination of anion and chlorine and sodium cations due to collisions. Light occurs to this 6-sided ionization network.

In fact, light is the electrostatic energy that exists between the ions of this ionic compound; It penetrates and releases electrons into the environment. The release of electrons with a negative charge in an environment where rock salt lampshades are located; They have many properties that are described below.

Wholesale Salt lamp

Properties decor rock salt for asthma

One of the properties that a salt rock lampshade creates by creating a negative ion in space; Asthma symptoms generally improve if your sleep environment is saturated with negative electrons and ions; It will have a very positive effect on your respiratory system.

Negative ions help you breathe better by reducing lung inflammation, diluting and licking the mucus in the airways, and killing harmful bacteria in the airways. If a person is in a saturated environment of negative ions for at least 6 months It helps a lot to improve the respiratory system.

Wholesale Salt lamp

Wholesale persian Salt lamp

As mentioned, in addition to creating visual appeal in the environment, lighted salt stones can evoke a sense of calm and have a positive effect on the environment.

Wholesale Salt lamp

Buy raw rock salt

Raw salt rock is extracted by up-to-date devices and various methods from caves and Garmsar salt mine.

Wholesale Salt lamp

Artists, engravers, craftsmen and factory owners use the salt rock to produce the salt rock lampshade, and the Halito company delivers the best type of white and nanoparticle salt for cutting to customers weighing 30 kg to 1 ton.

Source: Halito rock salt company