Wholesale unique salt lamps

unique salt lamps

Wholesale unique salt lamps, the most beautiful of persian rock salt lamp, export salt lamp to turkey and euorpean.

Rock salt to remove negative energy

Some people use stones, such as rock salt, to keep their eyes and eyes away from the eyes and eyes to avoid countless accidents and disasters.

According to proven experience, rock salt has a great ability to repel eye sores, and in many parts of our country, salt is still poured into guest shoes to avoid eye damage.

Rock salt is like a living object, and in addition to absorbing environmental pollutants, it also absorbs negative energy around it and dissipates positive energy around it.



unique salt lamps

Benefits of rock salt

As mentioned, rock salt, like a living object without the eyes being able to see, spreads positive energy into space and, on the other hand, absorbs negative energy.

For this purpose, the salt rock must be exposed to light and heat in order to start refining the space around it.

On the one hand, creating heat requires lighting, and on the other hand, placing rock salt in the workplace or at home should not cause the beauty of your decoration to decline.

In addition to their known properties, which are used to produce decorative salt, rock salt can easily affect the surrounding space if used naturally.

If you put a piece of rock salt in the sun for 10 minutes and then, for an hour, next to a plant, fruit, or put a piece of rock, the positive and effective energies in the rock salt will be given to it. Is transmitted.
To calm you down, you need to expose the salt rock decorations to the incense smoke, because the energy of the rock salt helps the energy process by mixing in the incense smoke.

unique salt lamps

Rock salt in Feng Shui

One of the recommended methods to prevent eye sores is to use eye salt because they have long been aware of its active and innumerable energies and considered it effective to eliminate negative energies. Minerals have been proven and their effects have been discovered in many fields.
Salt rock in Feng Shui is of great importance and works as an energy balancer, and by naturally ionizing the air, it produces positive and good energy in space. It is able to affect the energy of our home space.

The Impact of Salt Stone in Feng Shui Most feng shui experts believe that salt crystals have a lot of energy and purify the surrounding air. In this way, on the other hand, it is better to know that you should use salt therapy for this purpose.

unique salt lamps

Export unique salt lamps

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unique salt lamps

It is possible to deliver salt lamps in the destination country. Also, these salt stones are the handicrafts of Iranian handicraft artists, which are very special and special.

Source: Halito rock salt company