wholesale white rock salt lamp

white rock salt lamp

wholesale white rock salt lamp, Send to all over the world, The most varied models of white rock salt lamps. Contact us to register the order.

pure white rock salt

The percentage of purity in salt rock is not the same and it is always different.

For example, crystalline salt rock is typically of high purity due to its high clarity but white salt rock usually has a lower purity.

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But it is a kind of white salt rock found in Iran and the city of Garmsar which has a purity of 99% and a surprise in its kind.

white rock salt lamp

White salt of rock with a purity above 99% is very rare and Halito Company uses this rock salt to make rock salt lamps.

white rock salt benefits

As it was mentioned, the white salt rock with a purity of 99% is very rare and found in the Garmsar area.

This salt rock has many health benefits it makes use of it to make salt lamps spreads its immense amount of space.

white rock salt lamp

On the other hand, due to its high purity, this salt rock has a very high sodium content and when it lights up inside it, it also brings its salt properties to the skin of people.

Persian white rock salt lamp

Halito is the most specialized and largest manufacturer of salt lamps in Iran.

Products produced by Halito are beautiful and eye-catching that every visitor admires it.

white rock salt lamp

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order white rock salt lamp

The Halito company sends its products to all parts of the world and the possibility of sending a small number is unfortunately not there.

white rock salt lamp

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If you are considering a particular model of salt lamp, send it to us we will make it beautiful and send to you.

Source: Halito rock salt company