buy salt lamp from manufactured

buy salt lamp

buy salt lamp from manufactured Halito rock salt group the largest producer of salt rock in Iran which exports its products abroad.

Making salt lamp

They mainly use the salts extracted from mines in three different groups these three categories are:

  • rock salt for edible and edible salt production
  • rock salt for industrial applications
  • rock salt are used to make all kinds of attractive and unique decorative objects

buy salt lamp

Including commodities made of rock salt, salt lamp are made of rock salt of course, not to mention the salt of other decorative goods such as salt Lights, salt candle holder and statues are also made.

Buy salt lamp without intermediate and from manufactured

Buyers to make their purchase at the lowest possible price they try to buy from the manufacturer of their product whenever possible but this requires an area with no middlemen involved.

Fortunately, Halito rock salt Co. it has been able to establish its own product sales site Provide the context for purchasing without intermediaries including the purchase of salt bricks without brokers.

buy salt lamp

Factors Affecting the Price of salt lamps

The price of this beautiful product is influenced by many factors these include the following:

  • Use conventional or conventional rock salt therapy
  • Quality of construction and type of cutting
  • Type of product packaging

One of the main factors determining the price of a salt lamp Dear customer, if you would like to see Halito salt lamp products, Visit this page.

buy salt lamp

Production of salt lamp

In the Halito group for the production of rock salt decor there are various steps you can take to get to know your esteemed customers the process of producing Halito salt lamp is described:

  • First, the Salt Rock Therapeutic Salts are downloaded from the Salt Rock Mine Collection and transferred to the workshop
  • After the salts enter the workshop large salt rocks are set up by dedicated peaks converts to salt rock sheets (this is a very difficult step)
  • After the salts are laminated, the sheets produced are classified by 5cm and 15cm diameter
  • Next, the produced sheets are given to the masters of each section
  • 5cm slabs for producing base rock salts and 15cm sheets are used to produce geometric objects
  • The wires and lamps are then individually connected and tested
  • After cutting the rock salt by experts and installing wire and lamp if you need to paste the text with the image onto the rock salt cut jobs go to the printing room
  • In the final stage, the work is produced in a dedicated room and shipped to the destination

Rock salt market

Halito rock salt company Specialized by rock salt site are delivered products to the end consumer.

buy salt lamp

Here is a tutorial on how to get acquainted with different types of halito rock salt company products:

  • Rock salt for cutting
  • Salt lamps
  • rock salt candle holder
  • Medical rock Salt
  • livestock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Orange rock salt
  • Crystal rock salt
  • persian blue salt
  • edible salt
  • build salt room and build salt cave

buy salt lamp

Contact us to wholesale any of these products.

Source: Halito rock salt company