Export of bulk rock salt and delivery in the destination country

Export of bulk rock salt

Export of bulk rock salt and delivery in the destination country, Orange rock salt , Red rock salt, Persian blue Salt, Edible rock salt, Rock salt packing in Jumbo bag.

Salt rock is one of the most famous minerals in nature. The minerals in rock salt are mostly sodium and chlorine and are a combination of sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is a compound that we are all familiar with during our studies. Salt stones can be different colors or colorless.

In addition, the degree of purity of these stones varies, but the most important feature of these stones is similar to edible salt. What are the types of rock salt and wholesale salt is exported in the form? Stay tuned for more information on rock salt.

Introducing all type of rock salt for export

Iran, and especially the city of Garmsar, has large rock salt mines. Salt rock comes in many different shapes and colors and can be used in many different ways.

The existence of large salt rock mines in Iran has provided the ground for exporting this product to neighboring countries. Salt rock is exported to countries such as China, Russia and Turkey. Here we introduce the types of Iranian exported rock salt.

Export of bulk rock salt

Himalayan rock salt: Another name for it is pink or orange rock salt, which is abundant in Iran, but its amount or abundance is less than white salt rock.

Orange rock salt: is used to make ornamental stones, salt bricks, and cooking salt.

Cooking rock salt: The use of this salt stone has become commonplace in recent years. They cut a large piece of rock salt and use it to cook food.

White rock salt: The most common salt rock used and most abundant.

Red rock salt: The redness of this rock is due to the presence of iron in this rock in large quantities. In some countries, this stone is consumed without treatment.

Edible salt or table salt: This salt is edible. This type of salt is on everyone’s table.

Industrial Salt: Cleaning operations are not performed on this rock salt and it is mostly used in winter to melt road ice.

Livestock exported rock salt: This rock salt meets some of the livestock’s needs for minerals.

Persian blue salt: This stone is used for food and is very rare, and its main buyers are European countries.

Export of bulk rock salt

Export of bulk rock salt

Now you can buy salt stones by knowing the types of exported rock salt. You can contact our sales manager immediately and be informed of the price of wholesale rock salt and order any amount of rock salt you need so that it can be sent to you and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Export of bulk rock salt

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