Rock salt for livestock wholesale

rock salt for livestock

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what is rock salt

Salt is a natural and salty taste material that is found in many forms around the world.

The most important element within the sodium rock salt is a vital factor for human life on the other hand, there are various types of rock salt that contain in addition to sodium other elements such as potassium, iron and magnesium, each of which brings benefits to the body.

rock salt for livestock

In general, the color of the rock salt is white, which indicates the amount of sodium in the rock salt.

Of course, the presence of white salts with the highest sodium content is very rare and rare.

A sample of white salts with a purity of more than 99.5% is extracted in Iran, which is unique worldwide.

rock salt for livestock

As mentioned, there are different types of rock salt with different elements and colors, some of which are:

  • Iran blue rock salt
  • Orange rock salt
  • Red Rock salt
  • Crystal rock salt

rock salt for livestock

rock salt for livestock

As mentioned, not only do humans need salt in their diet, cattle and poultry need to use salt in their diet.

You might be wondering what the properties of rock salt for livestock can be. Can Salt Rock Help Cure Many Common Diseases Between Poultry and Poultry?

rock salt for livestock

In response to this question, it can be said that rock salt is one of the disinfectants. Many gastrointestinal diseases that are common to humans or animals are due to germs that accumulate in the stomach and enter the stomach with food and water.



If the salt is of the best quality along with water or food for animal consumption, it is likely that the enzymes that accumulate at the stomach will be eliminated and the other animal will not suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

Benefits of Rock salt for Livestock

  • Adjust the body to help strengthen the nervous system and hormones
  • Better and more absorbed amino acids of the animal consumed by the body
  • Strengthens the internal muscles of the body such as the heart muscle
  • Adjusts the volume of fluid in the body of animals and even poultry

Now that you know about the properties of animal rock salt, you know why they use salt rock in their diet.

rock salt for livestock

lump rock salt supplier

Halito rock Salt Co. is the largest supplier of rock saltin Iran and the Middle East, delivering lump types of rock salt.
The red, orange and white rock salt types are prepared in lump at the desired weight of the customer.

rock salt for livestock

Iran rock salt wholesale to livestock

In the Halito Rock salt company various types of animal salt are prepared and sold which we have introduced below.

  • High-purity molded compression salt, each mold weighing 3 kg and being high enough for human consumption.
  • Another type of salt is crushed rock that has irregular dimensions but is cheaper than compressed salt.
  • Another example is bulk salt which is not cut and the cheapest type of salt for livestock and of very high quality

rock salt for livestock

persian salt for cow

As we have said before, rock salt is much better and more effective than salt in the diet of cattle and sheep because the animal constantly uses rock salt and licks it as needed.

Never worry about excessive consumption of rock salt by sheep because the excess salt will be excreted in the urine, and it also knows what its true need is for each time it is consumed.

Rock salt for livestock price

rock salt for livestock

supply and expoert rock salt from iran

In any of the Asian, African and European countries you live in and you want to order animal rock salt, just contact us.

rock salt for livestock

Halito has exported its products to many countries, including Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan,  India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and…

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