The largest exporter of pink rock salt

pink rock salt

The largest exporter of pink rock salt, Exporting Orange rock salt, the largest exporter of red rock salt in the Middle East, the possibility of delivering rock salt in the destination country with the lowest shipping rate.

Pink rock salt mine

Purchasing pink rock salt is usually very attractive for consumers abroad due to its attractive appearance, different taste and amazing properties.

The pink rock salt mine is mostly located in the Punjab region of Pakistan, and as a result, most of the world’s pink rock salt is extracted from this region and from the heart of the high Himalayan mountains. Garmsar supplies it.

98% of this rock salt is composed of sodium and chlorine elements, and elements such as calcium, zinc, copper and iron make up the remaining two percent of this rock salt, which is the same 2% taste and color of this rock salt compared to other rocks. Salt distinguishes.

pink rock salt

pink rock salt benefits

Pink salt has a high iron content due to its high iron content, which is less than red rock salt and is suitable for most people, but the majority of the use of orange and pink rock salt around the world is for the production of decorative rock salt.

Providing essential salts, strengthening the message in the body’s nervous system and fighting depression and preventing hair loss and anemia are other properties of this salt, because the presence of iodine in salt is necessary to prevent hypothyroidism and goiter. If this salt does not contain iodine, it is recommended that you include iodized oral salt in your diet.

pink rock salt

Pink Salt Export Market

The existence of limited pink salt mines in the world, as well as the special reception of other countries, including American and European countries, has led to a boom in the export market for pink rock salt, and a large amount of currency is exported to Pakistani merchants every year.

Due to the existence of pink salt mines, Iran not only does not need to import this type of salt, but it can also act as an exporter of this salt and import a large amount of currency annually.

As the largest supplier of pink, orange and red rock salt in Iran, Halito rock Salt company has always been ranked first in supplying all kinds of colored rock salt as well as blue rock salt in Iran.

pink rock salt

Buy pink rock salt

To buy exported pink rock salt, the minimum order for the domestic market must be 25 tons and for export markets must be 100 tons and above. Provides its customers throughout the ports of different countries.

pink rock salt

It is possible to deliver 1000,000 tons of pink and orange rock salt per month in the Jumbo Bag bag.

Source: Halito rock salt company