Wholesale table salt refined standardized

Wholesale table salt

Wholesale table salt refined standardized, 2 kg and 5 kg bags, recrystallized salt with iodine and iodine free supply. Contact us to purchase and order bulk edible salt.

Extraction and production of edible salt

Table salt is one of the most important food spices in all parts of the world that is why this type of salt is constantly produced.

To produce edible salt, first extract the salt from the mines must have passed a specific procedure in accordance with international standards.

The most important steps in the process of table salt production are as follows:

  • Crushing rock Salt
  • Add chemicals to remove impurities and complete deposition of calcium and magnesium
  • Centrifugation of salt crystals
  • Wash salt crystals
  • Drying salt crystals in special dryers
  • Add iodine
  • Finally packing salts produced by advanced automatic machines

Wholesale table salt

Wholesale table salt

Demand in the market to be part of each customer group easily able to meet your needs and buy table salt.

Wholesale edible salt is also sold in various forms so that all customers can make a quick and easy purchase.

Edible salt is very important for example, if you intend to use edible salt to produce poultry whether or not you plan to pack edible salt is a different type of salt.

Wholesale table salt

Table salt price per ton

Salted iodized salt is marketed in two small packages and 25 kg bags of course, if you plan to export edible salt you should focus more on the 25 kg bag.

The export of edible salt in the 25 kg bag is very beneficial you can buy quality edible salt from Iran at a very reasonable price.

Then the price of edible salt recrystallized written for information

Wholesale table salt

Export of table salt to Iraq and Afghanistan

The consumption of edible salt in Iraq and Afghanistan is very high in the other hand, the very cheap price of edible salt in Iran it made the two countries buy a lot of edible salt from Iran.

Halito rock salt Company the largest edible salt exporter easily supplies the salt you need and sends it to your destination.

Wholesale table salt

bulk iodized salt

Wholesale of refined salt for industries and traders the Halito rock salt company is of exceptional quality and at a reasonable price.

Wholesale table salt

The Halito suite offers the following convenience for buyers:

  • Supply of recrystallized salt with purity higher than 99.5%
  • Ability to change bag design according to buyer
  • Deliver border product

Source: Halito rock salt company