Build salt room in Tehran with a completely unique design

Build salt room

Build salt room in Tehran with a completely unique design, we will transform your space into a salt cave in the mountains. This way in Iran only by the powerful Halito team.

Salt Room Design

Salt Room design is the most important factor in making a salt room a beautiful one and if it is not done in a perfectly principled manner
You will not have a beautiful salt room.

The design of the salt room is completely different based on the dimensions, type of materials, how to operate and use a room
And they are never like each other it is not meant to be able to design the salt room by copying.



Building salt rooms

The Halito team always before the start of the project, by being in the environment and during the field visit, provides new ideas and designs to our customers.

build salt room

Three types of salt can be used to make salt rooms:

  • Salt room in the form of a salt cave
  • Salt room with salt bricks
  • Salt Room with Salt Cave Mix and Salt Brick

According to the experience we have ever had the salt cave always has the most feedback and easily returns the original capital to the owner.

Building salt room

Salt brick also has its own beauty but commercially, it’s not so good to make a salt room, but it’s great to build a salt wall.

On the other hand, the mix of salt bricks and salt caves is an attractive idea but you should consider creating a salt room to increase your costs.

The salt room has a lot of commercial uses two things that are noticed more than others creating salt room in the pool and salt therapy clinic.

Building salt room

salt room business plan

For commercial use of the idea of ​​the salt room, you should select places where different people go to those places and the place is gathering.
One of these places is swimming pools and one salt room with a pool profit is very abundant.

Now the idea of ​​build a salt room in the pool is somewhere that every blue sport complex is build a salt room at the pool, because it has more money than the pool itself.

Building salt room

With the current trend, it’s worth the courage in the next five years, any water or entertainment complex that does not have a salt room
Will lose your customers in general it’s better to think of it today.

Salt Therapy Clinic

Salt Cure Therapy Clinic has a lot of fans because the walls of this clinic’s environment completely covered with salt and besides, the floor of this clinic is also completely filled with salt.

Hours in this environment the first Hassan that gives you superb comfort it’s a very precious option in today’s turbulent world.

On the other hand, dropping the legs in the salt it will further improve the symptoms of arthritis and sciatica as well as respiratory problems in patients with asthma.

Building salt room

Salt room equipment

After a salt chamber is present, various equipment can be added some are optional and others are compulsory.

One of the most important lighting equipment in the salt room is very necessary and the more attractive the lighting, the more customers will lead you.

Building salt room

Among the optional equipment that is commonly used in salt rooms:

  • Use the device of halotherapy
  • Floor heating system
  • Decoration of the environment by salt rock
  • Create a salt cave fireplace

Optional items depend entirely on the taste and amount of the cost of course, if done correctly your customers will get a lot more salt than usual.

build salt room in the Middle East

Build a salt room is a new idea that has been around the world for less than 20 years but at the same time, he has had little healing benefits the attention of patients has attracted a lot.

If you are also planning to enter a new, lucrative business, we suggest build a salt cave but it should be noted that the construction of the salt cave is very complicated and difficult and if not done by a very specialized team it will not be very interesting.

The Halito Group as the largest and most specialized salt cave build team so far, many projects have been implemented that
Some of these projects are unique in their kind of course, it should be noted that the beauty of a project is directly linked to the cost.

Building salt room

The Halito Group has so far implemented many projects here’s a quick look at the following:

  • Construction of salt room in very large residential projects in the area
  • Salt room at home
  • Construction of salon room for women’s barbers
  • Making salt rooms in sports complexes
  • Salt room at the hospital hotel

If you are planning to build a very professional salt cave, please contact us.

Source: Halito rock salt company