persian salt lamps wholesale

persian salt lamps

persian salt lamps wholesale, produced by Iranian handicrafts artists. Some of the products produced in the world are unique.

Beautiful salt lamps

Beautiful salt lamps produced in Halito rock salt company are very nice and they are made very delicately.

Halito salt lamps in addition to the great beauty, the salt lamps are made of natural and mineral rock salt.

The salt lamps are made of rocky salts colorful and white.

persian salt lamps

Salt lamps for sale

Halito rock salt company offers its products in bulk. Our factory the production of decorative rock salt is in Iran and we send all our products to all over the world from Iran.

persian salt lamps

Export persian salt lamps

Persian salt lamps difference with other salt lamps in the high quality and purity of the rock salt and the method of construction.

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]IRANIAN CRAFTSMEN ARE UNIQUE IN THE WORLD[/box]

You can order a variety of salt rock models anywhere in the world. We will send you all the orders with the utmost accuracy and speed for you.

persian salt lamps

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Source: Halito rock salt company