Production of white rock salt in large amount

Production of white rock salt

Production of white rock salt in large amount, supply and export white rock salt per month 10000 tons in bulk and in jumbo bag.

Type of rock salt

Different models of the stone in question can be examined and evaluated in its structure. Sunlight causes natural energy in these stones. Examples of this stone in the affected country include the following:

  • Orange crystal
  • Red Crystal
  • White crystal
  • Orange crystal

These substances have been among the various models of salt rock crystals in the country, which are also useful for the body to consume and eat. For example, red crystal in the body of the consumer increases blood flow and thus increases the body’s mobility. .
Crystallization for the consumer activates the activity of the pancreas and increases the level of understanding and the individual. White crystal also has a cleansing effect for those who are interested. Pink crystal increases the sense of cooperation in people. The properties of brown crystal have also been effective in the balance and function of people, and customers can use this salt to help their health.
The overall structure of these crystals is electric, and this state in this structure makes it easy for salt rock to deform from crystalline to liquid and vice versa.
Consumption of this salt has also been effective for children and causes mobility and health in consumers.

Production of white rock salt

Production of white rock salt

We are proud to announce that we are extracting the Halito Collection of White rock salt with different purity percentages.

White rock salt with a purity of 98.5% is special for cutting and is used to make salt bricks.

Production of white rock salt

Rock salt with a purity of 99.5% is rock salt, which is very exceptional and is used to produce edible salt and is only supplied and exported by Halito Group.

Source: Halito rock salt company