The largest sales center for road salt in Iran

road salt in Iran

The largest sales center for road salt in Iran, supply in jumbo bag, delivery in 7 days in cheap price, shipment by vessel and train.

The role of salt in melting ice

Road salt is widely used in cold regions because ice is formed when the water temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius.

Road salt reduces the freezing point of water and thus makes it more difficult to freeze water, but the key point is that the salt shajadeh must be completely clean and free of any soil.

First of all, we have to say that road salt is a simple halite, that is, road salt, rock salt, or in other words, the natural form of salt that is used on our food tables.

The difference between salt for oral use and salt in the market is that the salt rock has not yet been refined and contains a lot of minerals, so it can be seen in different colors.

Salt rock becomes edible salt after refining operations, and countries have different rules in this regard, but most countries believe that salt is refined, but a percentage believe that rock salt is the purest natural type of salt and can be washed. It is consumable and does not require refining operations.

However, the use of rock salt is one of the most widely used and cost-effective ways to deal with road frost, and this is something that is happening all over the world right now.

But you may be wondering exactly what salt does to protect the road from frost. Join us to get that answer.

road salt in Iran

The reason for sprinkling salt on the road

When the water temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius, ice forms, and salt reduces the freezing point of water (freezing point depression), making it more difficult to freeze water.

A 10% salt solution is frozen at -6. C and a 20% solution is frozen at -16. C.

The key is to have at least a small amount of water on the road so that the salt can reduce the freezing point of the water. That’s why most of the time, when the weather forecasts snowy weather, trucks keep the road with a solution containing water and salt.



road salt in Iran

Road Salt export Center

Halito Group is a manufacturer of road salt and is able to deliver 2,000 tons of this product daily.

road salt in Iran

Road salt is delivered to the domestic market in bulk and for export markets in the form of a one-ton jumbo bag.

Source: Halito rock salt company