The best decor salt lamp for export

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decor salt lamp

The best decor salt lamp for export, supply in halito rock salt manufactory, unique salt lamp by iranian handicraftsman.

Introducing the rock salt ball

One of the main and most beautiful shapes and types of salt rock bedside lamps is the ball-like shape.

The salt stone ball is supplied with a wooden base in two diameters of 15 cm and 18 cm, and the lamp installed in this product is of LED type.

If you are planning to buy this product in bulk, keep in mind that we offer this very beautiful product at a very exceptional price.

Halito salt pellets are produced in three different types, which are extremely popular.

decor salt lamp

Wholesale decor salt lamp

Decorative salt rock is nominally suitable only for decorative and ornamental uses, but in practice it has many more uses.

Decorative salt stones engraved with the verses of Chaharqal and Van Yakad are negative for the rejection of negative energy from the best-selling products that are needed in any home or place where there are a number of them.

Negative energy excretion rock salts are made by Halito Collection at a very unique price and exceptional quality and cut.

If you also have decorative salt stone production but you can’t cut the products in the desired way, we have made it very easy for you!

Just send us your desired design. We will cut your design and send it to you in raw form. Label it in any way you like and market it.

One of the uses of rock salt is its use in the production of decorative salt rocks, which has become very popular throughout the country today.

The amount of decorative salt stone purchased from different manufacturers across the country depends on their price and beauty.

The Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of cutting rock salt for decorative salt production workshops across the country.

High-density white and orange rock salt is supplied exclusively by Halito Collection.

decor salt lamp

Persian rock salt lamp

Among the decorative salt stones, usually the bedside lamp is made of Himalayan or Orange salt.

Of course, keep in mind that Himalayan rock salt is more expensive than white rock salt and is usually made to order.

Supply decor salt lamp

It is possible to buy decorative salt stones at wholesale prices through the Halito salt rock collection.



A very important feature of the products in this collection is the production of all salt stones, decorative stones from therapeutic rock salt, and despite the much higher price of salt rock therapy than ordinary rock salt, you can compare the wholesale price of Halito products with other companies.

decor salt lamp

In addition to the price issue, the products of the collection are included in special and separate packages, and you can sell the product to your customers in a very stylish packaging in the same way.

Source: Halito rock salt company