wholesale red rock salt in bulk

wholesale red rock salt

wholesale red rock salt in bulk, Red salt rock is very rare, extremely cheap price, min order 25 ton. Contact us for more information and order.

Red rock salt

Red salt rock is a very rare type of rock salt. It is found in both Iran and Pakistan. Both types are completely pure and they are red in the normal way.

wholesale red rock salt
Both stones do not differ in appearance from the point of view Of course, the Pakistani sample has more minerals, but Iran’s red salt is very cheap.

Benefits of red rock salt

Red salt rock has a lot of iron and the cause is red because of iron in the rock. Iran’s iron salt is more ironic and its redness is much higher and is much more suitable for export.

wholesale red rock salt

wholesale red rock salt

Halito rock salt Co. wholesale red rock salt and export to all over the world. Turkey,Iraq ,India and Italy are major buyers of red rock salt.

Because of the high price of Himalayan Red Salt, the likelihood of buying red rock in Iran is very high.

wholesale red rock salt

For example, the price of one tone of Himalayan red rock salt is delivered in the UAE for $ 280 but Iranian Red rock Salt Delivery in UAE is less than $ 50.

Source: Halito rock salt company