Greatest center of produce and Export Persian rock salt lamp

Persian rock salt lamp

Greatest center of produce and Export Persian rock salt lamp,Most attractive models, Very cheap price, wholesale and export salt lamp.

persian salt lamp

If you are familiar with the art of Iranian handicraft artists, You have definitely seen the beauty of Iranian products, The products of Iranian artists around the world are unique and popular.

Halito rock salt group bringing together the most accomplished Iranian handicraft artists and it produces the most beautiful salt lamp that is unique in the world.

Persian rock salt lamp

In addition to having craftsmen all of our salt lamps are made from rock salt treatment the salt therapy rock  used in our group is unique in the world.

Besides the beauty and therapeutic value of these salt lamps, They have a very cheap price that has made us have many customers from all over the world.

Persian rock salt lamp

Rock salt lamp workshop

Center of decorative rock salt Halito complex is the greatest center of decorative rock salt in Iran and by attention to production volume has allocated rank one to own.

Persian rock salt lamp

Various items caused that the rock salt complex Halito pioneer to produce, sale and export rock salt and for more acquaintance to you the dear reader we mention some of them:

  • Very experienced and skillful experts are engaged to activity that produced goods explain this issue
  • The complex has 4 rock salt cutting expert workshops and transforms its own rock salt to sheets
  • This complex has rock salt mine and doesn’t buy their rock salt from anywhere else.
  • Apply up to date rock salt cutting machines
  • Unique and separately packing during the shipment
  • Daily production up to 700 décor rock salt that record of production in Iran belongs to this complex with so much difference

Persian rock salt lamp

It is funny to know that most powerful rock salt producers produce 80 to 100 rock salt lamps daily.

In addition produce various decorative rock salt, the complex Halito produces salt brick and is greatest salt cave room in Iran and middle east.

persian blue salt

The rarest rock salt in the world it is known as blue rock salt. this rock salt is found in Iran and Semnan province and has not been sampled anywhere in the world.

The stock of this rock salt is so low that may not even reach 5 tons a year.

Persian rock salt lamp

Persian blue salt is rich in potassium it is very useful for relaxing the nerves and gives the food a very pleasant taste.

salt lamps for sale

Bed lamp rock salt is known by various names in the market that the other names are:

  • Rock salt Lampshade
  • Rock salt bed lamp
  • Rock salt for decore
  • Decorative rock salt
  • Rock salt lamp
  • Rock salt lustre
  • Rock salt night-sleeping

Persian rock salt lamp

And many other names to mention them makes this lecture too long.

But extent and difference of names explains the amount of use  of this product in Iran and other zones in the world.

This product is known by other names out of boundaries of Iran and they use rock salt because of various reasons.

Persian rock salt lamp

For example using rock salt in our national culture is appropriate for affection by an evil eye. Many of nations also have these believes.

Main sale of decorative rock salt

For the persons intending decorative rock salt sale to buy cheap rock salt has superior and the quality of production is second in rank.

To deliverance of this problem the complex Halito dedicates décor rock salt having leg with separately packing and extremely quality and very cheap price to you.

Persian rock salt lamp

Halito salt lamp models

How can I order persian salt lamp

We sell our products in bulk and unfortunately there is no way to sell the products for single so In any country you are in, you are mainly selling salt lamps you can buy Iranian Fine Art at cheap price.

Persian rock salt lamp

We ship orders on FOB and delivery to destination and to order contact us by email at the bottom.

Source: Halito rock salt company