Salt Brick Production and export Center

Salt Brick Production

Salt Brick Production and export Center, white salt brick, orange salt brick, Dimensions 10 * 20 *5 cm, 10*10*3, 5*18*3.

Introduction to salt bricks

Salt brick is one of the types of bricks that has unique ingredients and certainly given the title of this product you know the main material that constitutes salt is in fact salt brick is one of the best and most efficient product rock salt has been exploited to date in many areas of business and business.

Salt brick Contrary to what many people think it is due to the salt being compressed, salt brick is actually the result of cutting the rock salt very precisely.
Salt bricks can be described as one of the most remarkable achievements of humanity due to the advancement of technology and the initiative of a group of scientists, and interestingly the manufacture and production of this product has made many industries to benefit from it. Salt bricks have many incense properties that can be used in a variety of industries.

Salt Brick Production

Salt brick application

As mentioned, salt brick is a product made from salt minerals and rocks, and since salt stones have many useful properties, they can have many uses, but in some cases We require the properties and properties of rock salt, rock salt can not be benefited because salt stones because of its shape and shape is clumped and must be converted to certain dimensions for use especially for the construction of the salt wall. Therefore, in such cases, there is a need for cut salt stones or salt bricks.

Salt bricks are used to produce and manufacture efficient materials, some of which are most prominent and practical:

  • Construction of a variety of salt walls
  • Making salt rooms
  • Livestock feed
  • Construction of salt domes
  • Construction of all kinds of advertising structures
  • As a tool for cooking all kinds of food

Salt Brick Production

Benefits of Salt bricks

One of the best properties found in salt rock that has been used to produce salt bricks in the above cases is their antimicrobial properties and another property is the diffusion of negative ions into the environment where salt bricks It does this well, of course, but salt bricks need heat to get in the process of negative ion diffusion, so incandescent bulbs should be used to illuminate the back of the salt brick.

Salt Brick Production

Salt Brick Production

As we have mentioned, salt bricks have a wide range of different types of properties that we have mentioned in the past for its antimicrobial properties. Many people around the world have benefited greatly from this divine gift.

Salt Brick Production

Halito rock salt company is the largest producer of salt bricks and cubic salts in Iran .

We have the ability to deliver salt bricks to the country of destination.

Source: Halito rock salt company